Nominations AHK Graduation Prize 2021 announced

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For the tenth edition of the AHK Graduation Prize, the jury examined 48 works that were submitted by graduating/graduated students. Impressed by the overal quality of the final projects of this graduation year, the jury has decided to select not ten but eleven projects for the shortlist. The prize, €3,000 for each winning project, will be awarded in two categories: for the best bachelor's project and for the best master's project of Lichting 2021. The jury, chaired by Ernestine Comvalius, will announce the winners on Thursday 10 February 2022.

The following projects have been shortlisted:


  • Notes by Lautaro Hochman with Siebren Smink, David Ko - Composition, Conservatorium van Amsterdam
  • Saoshyant by Ramin Amin Tafreshi - Composition, Conservatorium van Amsterdam
  • The Unspoken Truth by Dion Rosina - Art and Design Teacher, Breitner Academy
  • Verlangen by Lotte Salomons - Direction Documentary, Netherlands Film Academy
  • X Y WE by Marleen Hendrickx - Theatre Teacher, Academy for Theatre and Dance
  • Yalda: the Longest Night by Faydim Ramshe, Ivo Siebum, Rosalien Hollestelle, Lot Hoogeboom en anderen - Direction Documentary, Production, Production, Editing, Netherlands Film Academy


  • The Calabar Sculpture Garden by Stephanie Idongesit Ete - Architecture, Academy of Architecture
  • The Democratization of Knowledge by Andrea Lagrutta - Museology, Reinwardt Academy
  • Sector Quicksand by Abhay Kumar - Netherlands Film Academy
  • Time Will Tell  by Reza Mirabi - Choreography, DAS Graduate School, Academy for Theatre and Dance
  • Watertrots by Niek Smal - Landscape Architecture, Academy of Architecture

The jury members of the AHK Graduation Prize 2021 are Zippora Elders (director Kunstfort at Vijfhuizen), Edwin van Huis (director Museum Naturalis), Dominique Vleeshouwers (percussionist, winner of the AHK Graduation Prize 2013) and jury chair Ernestine Comvalius (former director Bijlmer Park Theater).

How to compare a museology thesis with a landscape design or an opera? The jury is faced with an inspiring and challenging task. In addition to a very good assessment by experts within the academy and by external experts, two important criteria by which the jury assesses the submissions is the degree to which the final work makes a connection with the outside world, and the potential of the project to stimulate development in the workfield.

Award Ceremony
On February 10, 2022, the jury will announce the winners during a festive ceremony.
Date: Thursday, February 10, 4-6 p.m.
Location: Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
The format of the event - with or without an audience, livestream - will be determined in line with the corona measures.

In December 2021 we will present the eleven shortlisted projects on