Marlen Bouten

Marlen Bouten

I work, first and foremost, in 2D. I paint, illustrate, sketch (in both traditional and digital media) and work with photography. Before finding the right medium for my final piece, I mainly focused on my theme and the concept behind my work: “Societies addiction to technology and social media. Portraying the ever growing and consequent isolation”. As a result of experimenting with different media, I chose to create an installation combining 2D and 3D elements.

I attended the Academy of Fine Art in Education with a set goal, which is not only to become a teacher in the international community, but also to keep creating my own art. With my creations I want to inspire students as well as people outside the academic field.

The most valuable experiences attained at the academy are definitely the ones I gained during my internships. Though I have also learned a lot from my teachers and mentors in how to improve and hone my artistic abilities.

There are many inspiring and strong people in my life. My close family and friends are the ones that inspire me most and support me in pursuing my aspirations. They encouraged me to become the best version of myself.

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