Research group of Art and Cultural Education

The Art and Cultural Education research fellowship targets the furtherance of knowledge (study and research) in the field of art and cultural education. It is primarily connected with the courses in Teaching Fine Art and Design (Breitner Academy), Teaching Dance and Theatre (Theatre School), Teaching Music (Amsterdam Conservatory), and the course in Museum Studies (Reinwardt Academy). The Research Fellowship in Art and Cultural Education commenced a second four-year period in September 2006. The Research Fellow is Folkert Haanstra.

Cultural education concerns every form of education in which culture or art is the goal or an instrument. It includes:

  • Art subjects in education and heritage education
  • Centres for the arts
  • Auxiliary institutions that back up and mediate in art education
  • Institutions for professional arts (museums, companies, podia) that perform an educational task
  • Amateur art

The field of the research fellowship can be described as the developments in art and cultural education both inside and outside the school system. These developments are the result of changes in (the approach to) the arts, cultural heritage and social changes (multiculturalism, digitisation).

In addition, art education in schools is confronted with changes in the educational system such as the new-style structure for the first three years of secondary education and the two-stage structure in higher education. There is a trend towards cooperation between the art disciplines and in some respects their integration. There is an increased interaction between forms of art education inside and outside the school system (for example, the centres for the arts), and contacts between education and the professional arts are growing too. Amateurs make different demands on tutors and the centres for the arts must come up with a more market-orientated and flexible range. Outside the regular circuits new forms of communication are emerging such as peer education in multicultural youth theatre groups and community arts projects by artist-teachers.

In its second period the research fellowship is focusing on the following themes:

  • Diversity in art education
  • Interdisciplinary forms and art education
  • Authentic art education

Research Group
The Research Fellowship in Art and Cultural Education includes a research group and the master in Art Education.

The research group of the research fellowship is involved with the subjects listed above. It consists of tutors who are associated with (the teacher training courses of) one or more faculties of the AHK and of external experts.

The research group also includes tutors who carry out applied research in the professional field and/or research on the contents of the teaching at the AHK in addition to their teaching tasks. There are also external researchers associated with the research group. The research group is headed by Folkert Haanstra, Research Fellow in Art and Cultural Education at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

There are constantly research projects being conducted in the research group in the field of art and cultural education. The researchers work together on the following themes:

  • Diversity in art education
  • Interdisciplinary forms and art education
  • Authentic art education.

Members of the research group present and publish the results of their research projects and contribute to the application of the results to the content and approach of the teaching programmes at the AHK.

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