Elle Bauchant

Elle Bauchant

What defines you?

‘’Defining is the act of summarizing the features of a concept so it will not be confused by something else. Defining is the act of making something definite, distinct and clear.’’

How do we define ourselves? Personally, I struggled with a negative self-image for years and defined myself with false imagery based off of negatives features of my body. For women, there is a high percentage of negative self-images that have been stimulated through the media as the “ideal appearance” causing women to feel self-conscious. In today’s society, the people are fighting against false-imagery that is represented in the media as the “ideal body image” as every human is ideal and perfect in their own way.

Despite woman feeling self-conscious about these issues, do men feel the same way when the media portrays false-imagery for them as well?
I asked the guys in my friend group who are aged between 20 to 30 years old if they could tell me a positive and negative feature of their bodies. Within this group of guys, they shared multiple features in common when it came to concerns of body image. If we are allowed to be proud and ashamed of similar features that most people have in common, then let us not define ourselves with body features.

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