is the Amsterdam University of the Arts' website about the business side to working in the arts and culture sector. Practical information can be found on this site, for example, about the different fields of work, running a business, taxes, legal matters and financing projects. In addition to a large number of texts, there are practical step-by-step plans, the ‘I want to ...’ sections, multiple choice question ‘wizards’ and tests.

For everyone in the arts and culture sector is intended for performing, creative and teaching artists, for ancillary professions in the performing arts and for heritage specialists. Each discipline has its own entry point: from architecture to music and from theatre to arts education. With the assistance of, students are familiarised with the business side of their future field of work during their studies. also provides relevant information for alumni, for example about starting one’s own professional practice as a freelancer or in salaried employment.  Teachers also use this bilingual site as a tool for lessons about entrepreneurship.

The Amsterdam University of the Arts is actively engaged in preparing students for business
The AHK has already been developing cross-faculty teaching materials about the business side of the profession since the late 90s. is being further developed based on the needs of students and staff members of the AHK. The site is used as part of the education by various study programmes.