Rawnie Parsons-Lock

Rawnie Parsons-Lock

An enormity that has no words

The storms are picking up, even in the most remote areas on earth. Warning us to change our ways. Scientists and politicians have no words to describe the enormity of what is happening to the climate. Yet we are the ones causing it to change. As we have no words to understand the changes, I wish to feel them. I have created a ritual to develop awareness of the world we now live in. To visualise the connection that we no longer have with nature. To communicate about the problem in a new way. 

The location where the ritual was performed is essential to the process. It is the birthplace of the changing winds. The place represents the beginning of the Anthropocene era. A place humans dumped their toxic waste that was left from the buildings in the cities. Later, not liking the mess and hiding it under a blanket of “nature”. Invisible when glanced at, yet undeniably present when given more attention. A place that must always be controlled by mankind. A place that symbolises our relationship with the earth and nature. A place where trees cannot and must not grow, and therefore unable to break the winds forceful speed.  

-Mixed media – mostly biodegradable materials 

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